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 Special Tour of Spain with Mariangela Carozzi

 Special Tour of Spain with Mariangela Carozzi

Egypt and Nile River Cruise

 Special Tour of Egypt with Riccardo Filaci

March 4 through March 14, 2023

Egyption Statue


The adventure begins with two nights in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. Near by are the Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx which will be seen on day two. On day three, take a short flight down to Luxor where the cruise portion of the tour will begin aboard the Esmeralda Cruise Ship. Over the next several days, this luxurious cruise will travel to some of the most historical sites of Egypt such as Karnak Temple, the Valley of the Kings, Temple of Horus, Lake Nasser, the Unfinished Obelisk and the Twin Temples just to name a few. Become immersed in the ancient Egyptian way of life. After the cruise, fly back to Cairo for one more night of entertainment before returning home.

• 3 Nights in Cairo (Two Pre Cruise and One Post Cruise)
• 7 Nights on the Esmeralda Cruise ship
• Airport transfers from Cairo to Luxor and back
• A day trip to Abu Simbel
• Breakfast and dinner included on all full days
• All scheduled tours, attractions and admission included

Book as low as
$ 3,199*
per person/double occupancy
*when paying with check or money order
(airfare, optional trip insurance and 
gratuities not included)

Esmeralda Cruise Ship

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