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Trip Insurance

For most people planning the details for your dream vacation is part of the fun.  Anticipation of the trip is usually on our minds as we pay the nonrefundable deposits for airfare, tours, and accommodations.  One detail that is often overlooked is what will happen to those deposits and prepaid trip expenses if you are unable to depart or have to come home early.  Trip cancellation insurance protects the covered expenses in case of many unforeseen circumstances.  For a fraction of the trip cost, you can alleviate the risk of losing money if something unforeseen gets in the way.  You may have skipped this coverage before but if you're paying out a lot of money upfront for an organized tour or airfare, if you have questionable health, or if you have a loved one at home in poor health, it's probably a good idea to get this coverage.  Safe Travels Trip Protection Plans cover the nonrefundable financial penalties or losses you incur when you cancel a prepaid tour or flight for an unforeseen reason.   

Please click below to review the specific plans and for a list of available benefits and limitations/exclusions.

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